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The Defenders is now streaming on Netflix.

Previously, Luke gave Misty a bit more information than Jessica and Matt intended and to open this episode, he’s the only one who doesn’t want to blow up Midland Circle. His moral compass far surpasses that of the others in this scene because he wants to believe there’s always another way. It isn’t until even Claire agrees with the others that he decides to go along with it. As powerful as Luke is, it’s great to see just how much he values what Claire has to say. She might not have powers or even any real fighting skills, but she’s respected by the heroes she assists. Honestly, it would be disappointing if she wasn’t so this is a great moment to show it with.
Misty in action
It’s about time that this show gives Misty something more to do. They pretty much couldn’t have waited any longer considering it’s the final episode of the season. For those who aren’t familiar with the comics, Misty first appeared in 1975, so she’s been around in the lore for a while. She’s been part of Heroes for Hire and Daughters of the Dragon, plus some other teams, but these two fit best with where The Defenderstook her character. While saving Claire, she loses her arm, which lines up with her receiving a bionic prosthetic in the comics. While her action scenes may be brief, it’s great as a fan to see them take her in this direction.
The fight to end it all
There’s been no lack of fights in this season, but the fight in this episode is the one that’s supposed to end the Hand for good. It’s big, it’s bold, and in the end, it appears to work. Murakami and Bakuto meet their end, which leaves Madame Gao as the last loose end. If anyone could somehow escape, it feels like it would be her. Matt starts getting a little sentimental as him, Luke, and Jessica ready themselves for the elevator ride down. To ease the moment slightly, Luke comes in with, “I’m not hugging you.” He really has some timely, funny lines throughout this season.
So much happens during the fight, but it’s the moments with Matt and Elektra that really stand out. Everyone else feels so inconsequential in that moment, even though they’re outnumbered quite a bit. While this is all going on, there’s the other portion of the fight happening upstairs with Colleen and Bakuto. We’ve already touched on Misty’s involvement here, but Bakuto’s need to still try to get Colleen on their side just feels so futile. It’s a relief when she finally ends him.
The Defenders, Marvel
Matt is the only one who doesn’t make it out of the building before it comes crashing down. Just having everyone look on as it happens is a painful moment, and it’s one you relive again when Karen and Foggy don’t see him walk through the door at the police station. Still, in my gut, it felt like there was no way they could kill him off like that. Karen has that same feeling later, too. While we find out he did somehow survive, it’s nice that they don’t reveal it to everyone else just yet. It gives them something to work with down the line.
There are a few other things of note in this episode before I wrap up this final review. Trish and Malcolm were in the police station when everyone was first sent there, but then they’re mostly not around. It isn’t until Trish sees Karen looking at the white board full of photos that we see her again. However, it does lend to the possibility of these two working together in the future. With Karen as a reporter and Trish as a talk show host, they could build up some sort of friendship or partnership even through that. I think it would be interesting to explore that further as these heroes worlds start to blend together now.
The Defenders, Marvel
Danny also gives a little nod to Daredevil by hanging out on a rooftop looking at the city. Plus, he’s finally convinced that NYC feels like home again. He might be my least favorite of the heroes, but I think he’s learned q good amount from working with the others, especially Matt. Lastly, Jessica tells Luke that maybe they can “grab a coffee some time or something,” and it’s hard not to laugh at that moment knowing what grabbing coffee apparently means to Luke. Plus, Alias Investigations is truly back in business with the new glass unveiled on the door.
It’s been fun looking at this show episode by episode and not yet knowing how everything would play out. The beginning of the season had some pacing problems with how long it took to get the team together, but overall, this was a solid effort. I don’t know if I want a ton of seasons of The Defenders, but it opens the door for these characters to pop up here and there in the solo shows with each other. They don’t need to force them all together going forward, but instead, they can offer up some tag team opportunities every once in a while. That’s something I’d absolutely look forward to. Here’s to hoping it happens.
Marvel’s The Defenders is now streaming on Netflix.


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